I love you, thank you

  • Autor:Kimi Turró
  • Publicado:2021
  • Categoría:
  • ISBN 13:979-8493937514
  • Género:NO FICCIÓN
  • Formato:text
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It seems impossible to reach the light when you are in the deepest darkness. After experiencing an event as painful as a child’s death, you cannot imagine that you will be able to celebrate life again, but today, I tell you it is actually possible.

The loss of a loved one leaves a permanent mark on your heart, on your soul and your memory. Going through grief is inevitable because it is the only path that can give you back the breath you need to accept what seems unacceptable and embrace it with love and gratitude.

Today, I place in your hands the tools that have helped me transform pain into love. They have given me back the energy to discover my purpose, reconnect with joy and wake up every day feeling grateful for being a witness to this miracle that we call life.

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